OOG Freight-Handling Station


LAN Logistics has invested in unique, specialized handling and trucking equipment allowing us to safely transport unique cargo from the Long Beach and Los Angeles terminals to our warehouse facilities located within the largest port complex on the the West Coast. 

  • Import/Export Handling Services

  • Transload

  • Hoisting Capabilities

  • Overweight and OOG Cargo

Harbor Drayage and Trucking


Whether importing or exporting, domestic cargo comes in all shapes and sizes.  LAN has grown over the last two decades to accomodate all types of handling based on the needs of our customers.


  • High-capacity Tractors and Trailers

  • OOG and Overweight harbor pick up and delivery

Warehousing and Storage


We are a U.S. Customs Class III bonded warehouse with multiple locations near the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, secured by video surveillance.  Our locations allow us to offer indoor and outdoor storage options whether cargo is bonded or unboded.


LAN Logistics uses a cloud-based warehouse management system with authorized customer accounts, giving our customers visibility and "hands on" access to inventory levels at any given moment regardless of our customer's location.  The sytem provides a transparency to the supply chain that is unmatched by competing warehouse management systems.



1520 W. 11th Street

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LAN Logistics, Inc.

1520 W. 11th Street

Long Beach, Ca 90813.

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